Over the past two years or so, I have been working on the development of a shared parameter file for the Omniclass “Properties” Table (Table 49). While I have finally come out with a useful version of the file that I am comfortable sharing with the world, I had also realized that in the process, impementation of the file was going to be cumbersome due to the method by which Revit sorts Parameters.

In a Revit Shared Parameter file, parameters can only be grouped once, with no further subgroupings available. In the real world, there is so much more that is needed in order to sort and organize the attributes within projects. All of the CSI Standards leverage 3, 4, 5 or more levels in their organization structures, but the parameter managment in Revit only allows for one level. The Table 49 Shared Parameter file is grouped by its highest level, and then numerically based upon the succeeding levels. Handy, but but still doesn’t allow for proper management of the nearly 1000 properties. In order to combat this, rather than try to reinvent the way parameters are MANAGED, I decided to rethink how they are LOADED.

The Sumex Parameter Manager changes how we might think about the administration of project information. Instead of loading parameters one at a time, object by object, or into a project, this affords the ability to batch add parameters to hundreds of families at once, whether they are in a library on a hardrive or within an open Revit project.

The Sumex parameter manager can leverage the Table 49 Properties Shared Parameter file to build a Schema which will load various different parameters into various different families based on common attributes found whithin them. This is explained more in depth below.

The Omniclass Table 49 Shared Parameter file is available in two differnent configurations, based upon whether or not it is being used with Revit Architecture or Revit MEP. Some of the physical properties can be more accurately conveyed in Revit MEP than they can in Revit Architecture, simply based on the availability of the parameters within the software. MEP based parameters are left as simple text parameters in Architecture. Both Files, along with more information on the Sumex Parameter Manager can be found here:

August 21, 2017 | News