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Sumex Design - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) combines the Specifier, BIM Manager, and Content Developer into a single role.  This new role streamlines the design and construction process, which ensures that construction documents and building product information are clear, concise, complete, correct, and consistent. As the capabilities of building information modeling increase, so must the expertise and knowledge base of the BIM user.  Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services are the culmination of years of experience with the core aspects of building information management:  BIM content development, specification writing, construction management, and the design and selection of building components.

What We Do...

Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services can be tailored to fit your project.  Our services can start at any point along the project lifecycle, and end when information management is no longer necessary.  Owners are demanding more from their deliverables, and often ask for a true “As-Built” model of the facility, including representations and information regarding each building product in the final project.  Sumex Design can be there for preplanning and feasibility studies, and remain through facilities management, in order to provide the most accurate project model possible.  If all that is needed is a set of high-quality informational BIM components from which the architect can develop the project, Sumex Design can provide the necessary components both before and/or during the design.

  • BIM Content - A construction project is only as good as the sum of its parts.  The same is true of the building information model created to represent at project.  Sumex Design takes great pride in developing the best components available for your project, formatted to allow for quick and easy customization without overburdening the model with unnecessary details.  At Sumex Design, we understand that a BIM project is an evolutionary process.  As such, the content must be able to evolve with the project in order to keep the performance of the software and modeling speed at its peak.  Rather than placing overly detailed components early in the project design, we allow components to grow with - and within - the project.  An opening becomes a window; a window becomes an aluminum window; an aluminum window becomes an aluminum casement window; and that window can ultimately grow to represent a specific finished product.
  • Building Component Information - There are countless attributes that apply to different building products, all of which are important to some member of the project community.  During the design, the level of information necessary can scale and/or change based on where the project is in the design process.  Using BIM content provided by Sumex Design allows you to tailor the information for each component to suit the needs of the project.  Whether it's design, performance, specification, estimation, installation, or facility management information, Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services can provide and maintain the components and assemblies necessary at different points in the project lifecycle.
  • Construction Specifications - Once the design process is complete, a project manual can be developed for your project based on the components found in the project, including those components that are not graphically represented.  Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services uses Kalin Associates to develop your specification sections and project manual.  For components that are not represented graphically in the design, the SpecAttic™ is created within the BIM project to allow the important aspects of non-graphic specification sections to be retrieved at the same time as graphically represented sections.  This allows the model to be consistent with the specification documents, and creates linked digital copies of each specification to be hosted by either Sumex Design or your firm.
  • Schedules, Exports, and Quantity-Take-Offs - A function of the building information model is its ability to count.  Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services can create customized schedules, exports, and quantity takeoffs for various component categories, which allows the architect to provide information necessary to the contractor and building product manufacturer for bidding and estimation purposes.  Above and beyond door hardware and finish schedules, square foot areas of each material, and piece counts of each component are tallied, organized and presented.
  • Construction Information Management - During the construction of any project, changes to the plans and specifications usually occur.  Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services can work with design-build firms, or take over where the design team leaves off, in order to create an information model that represents the actual project at completion.  When the design team remains involved with construction information management, addenda and change orders may be linked back to the model to synchronize the plans, specifications, and model in order to create an “As-Built” representation of the project for facilities management and lifecycle assessment purposes.
  • Facility Information Management - A building information model is essentially a database.  Where “As-Built” models have been created, Sumex Design Knowledge Management Services can finalize and format the information for facility managers.  We can develop either a series of queries which allow specific information to be analyzed by the owner's facility management software, or create a customized information management platform for your facility.

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