Sumex Design Services

Design/ Sumex Design provides conceptualization services that assist Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Property Owners when making decisions that affect design, product selection, building efficiency, and space planning.  Before you begin construction, a Sumex Design Professional will work with you to visualize the design, conceptualize the space, select and specify building products, and develop the project to ensure that the outcome meets the expectations of both the owner and the contractor, avoiding the costly changes that can occur in the midst of a typical construction project.

Document/ Sumex Design offers various documentation services to assist Building Product Manufacturers, Architects and Facility Managers. From Properly formatted 3-Part Guide Specifications for Manufacturers, to BIM information Management services for Architects, to Property information databases for Facility Management, Sumex Design can be your information services provider.

Detail/ Sumex Design creates graphics that are more than just pretty pictures.  Using both CAD- and BIM-based software, we provide architectural graphics for Building Product Manufacturers using the most current industry standards.  Details and product models reflect not just what a product "looks like", but more importantly, what it "is".  From Traditional 2D Details and Shop Drawings, to fully functioning BIM models for an entire product line, Sumex Design develops graphics that are based on how a product is designed, specified, measured, counted and installed.

Develop/ Sumex Design develops software and process solutions for integrating Building Information Modeling with the way you work.  Whether you are a Building Product Manufacturer, Architect, General Contractor, Facility Manager, or Owner, Sumex Design can provide you with a BIM solution that suits your needs and budget, and fits seamlessly into your workflow.

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